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ArcGIS Pro, JavaScript (Mappa,JS, Turf.JS, P5.JS), C#, (Grasshopper for Rhinoceros Common), Java (Processing), Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Mapbox, Unity 

Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) Howard T. Fisher Prize

ArcGIS Pro, Adobe Indesign

This Unity x Mapbox iOS application allows you to earn your Pinnochio’s Pizza in AR by chasing after hovering AR pizzas to reach your goal. After ordering, a path is generated that is equivalent to the number of calories needed to burn off your order. This project received an award from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) celebrating its fun and playful interface.  


Procedural Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise: Scripting with Processing (Java) 

Java (Processing) 

The undulating terrain created as a design experiment served as the output of a variety of trials involving procedural terrain adaptation using Processing, a derivation of the P5 JavaScript library, written in Java. This experiment was created in service of my class project for Harvard GSD course 6338: Computational Design. 

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Soaring through the Skies of Evolutionary History: LAX to Boston Logan

Python (Algolia's Autocomplete), JavaScript (Turf.JS)

This visualization illustrates the history of the universe within the persepctive of a flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Boston Logan (BOS). I created this project as the final submission for Harvard College's seminal Computer Science course, CS50. It also served as t as a Mother's Day gift to my mom, an Evolutionary Biology professor at UCLA. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 8.51.07 PM.png

Animated UFO Sightings with JavaScript

JavaScript, Mappa JS

This project completed as part of my JavaScript-intensive Independent Study with Prof. Jose Garcia del Castillo. Using a combination of Unity and JavaScript wrapper Mappa.js, this visualization illustrates in animated form the results of aliens arriving to earth in glowing flying saucers. 


The Center of the Eye: Tracking Hurricanes through Multiple Lenses: An Immersive 3D Cartographic Experience

ArcGIS Pro, Unity, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Indesign, JavaScript, C#

This map uses sound as a tool to express emotional, sensorial, environmental, numerical, and the data-based build-up of a hurricane elicit new insights on hurricanes as a trajectory of great anticipation - the sensing of a hurricane’s projection near land using historic NOAA hurricane data. This project creates an immersive 3D web mapping experience exploring the Doppler effect to develop an interactive visualization of a hurricane’s movement using wind speed and barometric pressure values transformed to mathematically parallel tonal values as it moves from sea to land.

Hurricane Project.png

Undulating Mountains of Sound: Signal Processing: Mathematical Modeling and Voxel Manipulation

Java (Processing)

Using the Java library Minim, this project applied the shape of music to develop mountain-shapes across the landscape. The height, curvature, and form of the mountains was produced by running a song through the algorithimic parameters created within the Mimim library for this project. 

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