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ArcGIS Pro (Modelbuilder, Maps for Adobe ArcGIS plug-in), Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Python (ArcPy, Leaflet), JavaScript, R

90's San Francisco Movie Locations

ArcGIS Pro, Adobe Indesign

Using an IMDb dataset this project used custom landmarks to demonstrate the result of a kernel density hotspot analysis applied to the classic 90's cinematic locations using ArcGIS Pro and the Maps for Adobe plug-in. This project was created in service of a course while a student at the Harvard GSD called GO-1007: Advanced GIS. 

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Florescent Magenta Maritime Traffic Lines

ArcGIS Pro, Adobe InDesign

Vibrant pink global shipping lines across the earth - my GIS-love-letter to the magic that makes Amazon next day delivery possible. Data visualization created in service of my assignment for a Harvard GSD course taught jointly for MIT and Harvard, SCI 6322: Geographic Representation.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 3.59.22 PM.png

Ottoman Empire Annual Revenues Over Time

ArcGIS Pro

Figure created to support an analysis of the Ottoman Empire's annual revenues over time (in tons of silver) circa 1523, 1872, 1910 in service of my work in Harvard College course MODMEST: Modern Middle East 100. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 6.36.53 PM.png

Analyzing the Effect of Historic District Designation on Crime Rates with Respect to the Life Course

ArcGIS Pro

Spatial statistics comparison of National Register of Historic Properties (NRHP) with US criminology data for Harvard College course on criminology visualized with spacial science taught by Professor Robert J. Sampson.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 11.57.36 AM.png

Safest Area Simulation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers in Modern-Day San Francisco: Scripting Custom Geoprocessing Tools with Python

ArcGIS (Modelbuilder, Maps for Adobe plug-in), Python (ArcPy)

Scripted my own Geoprocessing tools with ArcGIS Pro to automate this task using ArcPy within Modelbuilder in ArcGIS Pro.The toolset I scripted  runs a 4-part suitability analysis on the San Francisco boundary area to simulate the scariest movie I’ve literally ever seen, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (circa 1978). The cult classic film stars a young Jeff Goldbloom— in it a plant-based extraterrestrial invasion SF-residents must stay awake if they are to stay alive and escape “the pod people”.

Invasion of the Body Snatc (2).png

Geospatial Analysis Using R and Leaflet JavaScript Interactive Maps: Apartments for Rent in the Harvard Square Area

ArcGIS Pro, JavaScript, R

This visualization, created in service of both a Harvard GSD course focused on geospatial quantitative analysis and for my own purposes in hunting for a new abode in Harvard Square during grad school, shows apartments for rent in the Harvard Square area as centroids, chloropleth, and continuous. This visual also provides an isochrome indexing of apartments accessible via car or within walking distance of the Harvard Square area boundary.

Geospatial analysis using R_edited.jpg

Hadley the Dog Takes Sacramento: Tourist Map using Custom Basemap Methodology

ArcGIS Pro, Maps for Adobe plug-in, Adobe InDesign

This work focused on the creation of an original basemap in service of a tourist-related dataset as part of an assignment for a Cartography and Visualization class through my coursework at the USC Spatial Sciences Institute. . I decided to create a map for the newest little tourist in my household, Hadley (you can follow him on Instagram @hadley_butnotthedateshake )of his place of birth; Sacramento, CA. I created a California tourist map through Hadley’s rose-colored glasses highlighting all dog-friendly establishments in the area and dog parks via the US Census business data portal.

Hadley Map_edited_edited.jpg
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